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Status: Built

Most basement remodels are cramped, dark, and unimaginative. Our approach included some minor structural reconfiguration which allowed us to remove some of the center posts and create a spacious family room. Indeed, it is now the largest room in the house, plenty of space for hosting parties or movie nights. Natural light is brought to the space by enlarged windows and two sets of french doors, which connect the basement to the outside and allow dinner parties to spill out into the garden. A new, level slab was poured and custom stained, creating an economical and unique floor that is both beautiful and maintenance-free. Further detail was introduced by the client, who selected personal mementos which were embedded in the finish slab as it was poured. Finally, a luxuriously spacious bathroom was created with a large roll-in double shower and a custom vanity designed by Capsule and fabricated by the Weld House in Dallas, TX, with reclaimed sheet metal from an old pickup truck weathered by the Texas sun.